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true potential training (tpt)

Your potential, unlocked.

About Billy Clery

tpt not only helps you find your path. It helps you to walk it.

Billy Clery Bsc. (Hons) PGCE, is the founder of tpt and the highly effective 90 minute Moving Forward Session. His passion to help empower and inspire people has been the driving force behind everything he has done. tpt is the culmination of years of working, guiding and helping people all over the world. He has two first class honours bachelor of science degrees and is a qualified primary and secondary school teacher. 

Over the years he has worked with accident victims who have been paralysed, helping them to emotionally come to terms with the massive change in their lives. He has worked with gifted and talented children and in this capacity was featured in an article in the Times Educational Supplement for his innovative and effective teaching methods. These methods were then adopted to be used for pupils with special educational needs with great effect. He has worked with over a thousand people helping to guide, inspire and improve their quality of life. 

As an avid student of the mind and the self he has studied various disciplines such as Jungian psychology, Zen, philosophy, leadership, communication, emotional intelligence and it's development. 

Why choose my system?

The above is an excellent question. The only thing we have to spend in this life is time. tpt and the Moving Forward Session allows you to spend your time building and creating a future of abundance and happiness. As you build and create this future the present moment also becomes a game worth playing. It becomes a game that is fun!