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true potential training (tpt)

Your potential, unlocked.


"I attended Billy's true potential training yesterday which was excellent. I can tell you that when I arrived in the morning I felt tearful and pretty worthless. By the end of the day I had a strong feeling of hope and positivity .... so much so that I even walked home which was an hour uphill. I would thoroughly recommend this training and wish Billy well in his new role which I believe will be his forte." 

June H.

What is tpt and what can it do for me?

tpt is a training system for the mind. It is a logical and structured approach to empowering and improving your quality of life and happiness.

Most problems we face in life are based upon our thoughts, beliefs and subsequent behaviours. tpt allows you to face and quickly conquer feelings such as:

- Anxiety

- Lack of energy/motivation

- Low self-esteem

- Fear

- Depression

- Self-Sabotage

tpt is like having a personal trainer for your mind...

When training your body you can't just dive in and run a marathon. However, with consistent application, a structured approach and the right training system you rapidly find yourself running distances you never thought possible!

tpt does for your mind what a personal trainer does for your body. In a very short period of time you will be flowing through life and easily overcoming obstacles and challenges that would have previously sent you into a spiral of self-doubt, worry and despair. 

"I really enjoyed attending the True Potential Training course. Billy is great at what he does and is one of the nicest people I have ever met! It’s really hard to describe the course to someone who hasn’t experienced it but it has helped me to let go of thoughts and feelings about the past that I now realise were holding me back and given me pointers of how to best to work towards positive change in the future. It has had an impact on my mindset and I am looking forward to putting the things that Billy has suggested into practice in order to live more positively and to achieve what I want to achieve in a way that suits me."

H. Morris